How To Win A Beauty Pageant


Beauty pageants have been running for probably longer than fashion modeling and come in many forms. There are teen beauty pageants, baby beauty pageants, online beauty pageants and at the highest level, the Miss Universe beauty pageant. Beauty competitions started as small beauty competitions for garden fates and local community events. However, they have grown to a regional, national and now international scale. There are literally hundreds of beauty competitions some more prestigious than others. The main ones in the UK include Miss England and Miss Great Britain which are run by separate organizations. These can lead to international pageants including Miss World and Miss Universe. In the US Miss USA and Miss America are the top beauty competitions. In the US the prizes are the most generous and cash prizes can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Springboard your career

Many people see beauty competitions as a way to springboard their careers and there are many examples of where it has worked. At the top of the pile Sharon Stone, Jodie Foster and many others began their careers with model competitions. On a different level but still an impressive one are Liliani and Jackie Turner, both UK glamour models are former Miss Great Britain and Miss England respectively. There are countless other examples of models, actresses, TV presenters or general celebrities that were once beauty queen’s or wannabe beauty queens. Being in a ten beauty pageant can give a young model exposure and confidence. Also, the label of ‘Miss .. whatever’ can create an interest that a new face alone cannot get. At the very least an entrant can most probably get local newspaper coverage.

How to win a beauty pageant

Confidence is essential, and a keen interest in meeting other people from all types of backgrounds. Big smiles and a happy disposition are also vital. The level of looks that is required differs enormously, some preferring more ‘girl next door’ looks than ‘model types’. Also, the judging can consider so called ‘intelligence’ however, in my experience this is more to pacify opponents rather than actually to raise the IQ rating of entrants. In the Miss England competition they claim that this is a huge part of their judging. However, it is more than a rumor that one year they were so busy teaching odd gym routines for the girls ‘Exercise Section’ (a thinly veiled replacement for the swimwear section of yesteryear) that they ‘forgot’ to do the interview with the judges!

5 Fantastic Names To Call Your Summer Baby Boy

When you first find out that you’re going to be a parent, chances are you see a number of names that you think you’d like to use to name your baby.

When you start to look at which name you’re actually going to use, however, unless you have a name in mind immediately that you’re certain on, more often than not you hit a wall and either have too many names that you love to choose from or you can’t even find a single one that you like.

If you’re expecting a baby boy over the summer months, take a look at the following five names that will hopefully provide some summer themed inspiration when it comes to naming your baby boy.

1. Gus – the shortened form of Augustus, which has obvious links to the summer month of August, Gus is an increasingly popular name in the Western world and many people are predicting it’s going to be the new Max, once one of the most popular boys names across the globe.

2. Julius – having not been considered a fashionable baby boy’s name for many years, Julius is once again becoming favourable and although basing your child’s name on the popularity of others shouldn’t take precedence over your fondness for the name, there’s no doubt that more and more people are loving the name Julius.

3. Dylan – a favourite and popular Welsh name, the meaning of Dylan is “son of the sea” and it’s for this reason why it’s a popular summer name, with people more often than not associating summer with laying on a beach by the beautiful sea.

4. River – it might be a little too ‘out there’ for some, but there are many people who agree that River is a wonderful boys name and one that has many connotations with summer, especially if you’re someone who loves spending time in the great outdoors.

5. Noah – although the date of Noah’s Ark has never been decided upon, there are some historians who believe it took place throughout July and therefore Noah makes for a fantastic summer boy’s name.

And if it turns out Noah didn’t build his arc for a flood that hit in July, with the amount of water that us Brits get during the summer months, Noah still makes for an apt name!

Don’t let deciding on a name for your baby boy be a difficult and confusing time. Sit down in a relaxed environment and simply do some research online into names relating to words that mean something to you or are appropriate to the time of year, with the five names here being great examples of boy’s summer names.

Fashionable Baby Clothing Or Not

What makes some garments be considered to be fashionable baby clothing and some garments not be considered to be fashionable baby clothing. If you have heard the old adage about beauty being in the eyes of the beholder then you understand to some degree what creates the terminology of fashionable and not.

Fashionable baby clothing to some people are articles of clothing that meet the fashion requirements of the time. In the late 1950s and the early 1960s all women wore dresses all of the time. They wore pants very rarely and the baby clothing was created to mimic the fashion of the day. Baby girls had dresses and they had poodle skirts just like the big girls wore.

Fashionable baby clothing today would depend on the person you are. People who are in motorcycle gangs would consider small leather jackets, leather pants, and bandanas to be fashionable, while people who are more into duck hunting, and outdoor sports would find camouflage clothing to be more fashionable.

The idea of fashion is according to the people who see it, the need for the garment, and the reaction of the general public. At times the more that the general public rejects a particular fashion style the more popular it becomes. The mini skirt saw that happen in the 1960s and the early 1970s.

There was a time in the past when all babies wore gowns and dresses until they were at least two years old. At the age of two the children were then placed into knee length pants if they were boys and into short dresses if they were girls. Little girls did not get to wear long dresses that came past the knees until they were past the age of eight and boys were almost in their teens before they were allowed to wear pants that were ankle length.

Each year the fashionable colors change, the length of skirt hems change, whether or not to let the children wear jeans or dress clothing changes. The one thing that never changes is that whatever is in style today will soon go out of style. Whatever goes out of style will come back into style at a later date in time.

If you want to buy something for the kids that is fashionable just buy something that you like, and that you think is attractive. If you can do that, you will be able to get the best one for your little baby.

Buying Clothes for Baby

There is a very large market out there for some very little people. Designer baby clothes are a very popular item today. If you are going to be shopping for yourself or for the baby of someone you know, it is wise to check out the prices available online because there is some good competitive pricing going on.

Designer baby clothing makes a great gift. Many new parents are not in a position to spend a lot of money on their little one. First time parents may even be reeling as they come to grips with the high cost of other baby essentials like diapers and formula if they need it. Receiving a gift of fashionable baby clothing can really help out if things are tight.

Designer Baby Clothes as a Gift

One thing to keep in mind when shopping for someone’s baby is how much clothing the parents might already have. When our second daughter was born, we received tons of beautiful clothing from friends and relatives. Every bit of it was appreciated, but the truth is, we already had quite a bit of barely worn newborn clothing from our first daughter. Many people buy in sizes for the brand new baby and they outgrow it so fast, that we had several pieces of designer baby girl clothes from our first daughter that were never even worn! If you are giving baby clothes as a gift, consider buying a size for after the baby has outgrown its initial supply of newborn clothes and the parents are looking for anything that fits.

Any Hand Me Down Clothes?

Another thing to consider when giving the gift of baby clothing is the child’s sibling situation. As I mentioned, we ended up with more little girl clothing than we knew what to do with. When our third bundle of joy, a boy, arrived, we were back to square one. There were no designer baby boy clothes packed away in boxes. We didn’t even have a blue outfit to put him in at the hospital! Every piece of clothing we were given as a present got worn during those first few months.

Depending on the type of clothing you intend to purchase, designer baby clothes can usually be found at reasonable prices. Often shopping online will bring up some good deals because most online retailers do not have any storefront overhead to pay and they can use that savings to keep themselves highly competitive with other sellers of designer baby clothes. Something that you may want to consider if you have many friends who are having babies, is purchasing baby clothes whenever you see them on sale. Buying at the end of a season is a great way to find clothing bargains.

Designer Baby Clothes Lots

You can also take advantage of situations like I described above if you like to shop online. We ended up selling off many designer baby items that still had tags attached to them on eBay. Our second little girl just outgrew them well before we had a chance to have her wear them. We got nowhere near what they originally sold for, but we felt good that we might have helped out some new parents. If you are looking to buy designer baby clothes, you can often find amazing deals on eBay when parents try to clear out clothes that no longer fit their little one.