Can Fashionable Baby Dresses Be Made From Cotton

Many people think that fashionable baby dresses must be made from velvet, silk, satin, or synthetic materials. These materials do make very pretty fashionable baby dresses, but the items are harder to clean and care for.

Fashionable baby dresses are all about the colors, the cut, and the style, and less about the materials the clothing is made from. Cotton is a perfectly acceptable material for fashionable baby dresses.

Cotton is a wonderful material to choose when making clothing for infants. Cotton has a loose enough weave that the material allows the baby’s skin to breathe. An infant wearing an outfit made of cotton will not get as hot and will not develop heat rashes as often as children who are dressed in synthetic materials that do not breathe well.

Cotton naturally repels stains to some degree. The fibers do not immediately soak up every stain so you have time to blot the spill off of the outfit and possibly prevent the stain. Most of the time a spill that is cleaned up before it has time to dry will not leave a permanent stain on the clothing.

Cotton can usually be washed in the washing machine and dried in the dryer. Most parents do not like to buy synthetic materials that will need to be dry cleaned. Cotton clothing can be washed by mom and dad at home and will not require a lot of specialized treatment to keep it from shrinking, or otherwise changing because of the cleaning.

Cotton may need to be ironed to remove the wrinkles. Many cotton dresses have to be starched and ironed after they are washed. The act of starching and ironing this material will increase the stain resistance of the material and will also increase how good the clothing looks. If you do not want to starch the clothing because you fear that it will become stiff and scratchy you can leave the item slightly damp and iron it with a hot iron until it is dry. This will remove the wrinkles and will not make the item stiff or uncomfortable.

Whether a dress is fashionable or not will be according to what you think fashion is. Fashion does not have to be uncomfortable or expensive for it to be beautiful and appropriate. You have to decide what things you like and what styles you think look very cute on a baby.