Choosing an Unique Old Fashioned Girl Name

There are so many options to choose from when choosing a name for your future baby girl. There are modern names, old fashioned names, unique names and popular names to choose from. Names are really important, so the name you choose will say a lot about you and your baby girl. Unique old fashioned baby names are great because they often say a lot, and leave an impression as a result. If you want to find some unique girl names for your baby, there’s quite the variety of old fashioned names to choose from. There are flower names, location names, color names and even inspirational names.

Inspired by Flowers

Flowers used to hold a much deeper significance to people than they do now. People used flowers as a form of communication because each flower holds a special significance and meaning. Roses are associated with elegance, the clematis with ingenuity, and the daisy implies innocence and purity. If you choose a flower name for your girl, you’re not only comparing the beauty of the love you have for her to the flower, but the deep rooted meaning that has been associated with that flower for ages as well.

Inspired by a Location

Many people find their identity or inspiration from a location, so there’s no surprise that people used city names as unique girl names. If you want your daughter to have a rich life filled with lots of life and excitement you might want to name her Brooklyn, or if you want her to have a life of peace and serenity you might want to name her after the capital of Alaska, Juno. Different places speak to different people in different ways, so naming your girl after a city will definitely speak volumes.

Inspired by Colors

Inspiration for cute girl names can also be found in the way we perceive the world around us. It was quite popular to use colors as baby names. Colors also evoke different emotions in different people, but no one can deny the beauty of a deep scarlet or a brilliant violet. Other colors such as: grey, sienna, rose, and amber also make cute girl names.


Inspirational names were also quite popular. Destiny, Faith, Grace, and Gloria are all examples of names used for girls that convey something positive and spiritual. Since faith and belief is the central guiding point for a large group of people, these names will definitely speak for themselves.