Beautiful Neutral Baby Bedding Styles

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Neutral doesn’t mean tiresome. It means versatile! If you’re waiting for your baby’s first birthday to hear the doctor say, “It’s a boy or It’s a girl! then you’ll want to consider gender neutral colors. This is also a good choice if you’re planning to use the nursery for future babies. Then once your little one is born you can accessorize with gender specific colors to make it more princess or prince suited.

Gender Neutral Colors, Plus their Gender Specific Matches

Decorating with gender neutral crib bedding can create a charming nursery decor for a boy or girl. The hard part is figuring out which “boy or girl” colors go well with your neutral crib bedding selection. Below is a list of some common gender neutral crib bedding colors with color suggestions you can use to make the room more “boy” or “girl” accessorized. Accessories include: stuffed animals, lamps, curtains, art work, furniture, mobiles, pillows and other cute baby trinkets.

Neutral Bedding Colors: Brown and Light Green

* Girl Accessorize with pink
* Boy Accessorize with light blue

Gender Neutral Crib Bedding Colors: Baby Blue and Light Yellow

* Girl Accessorize with soft pink
* Boy Accessorize with brown, black or gray

Neutral Baby Bedding Colors: Black and White

* Girl Accessorize with hot or soft pink, red, purple or orange
* Boy Accessorize with a vibrant blue or red

Neutral Nursery Bedding Colors: Black and Yellow

* Girl Accessorize with pink, purple or orange
* Boy Accessorize with cobalt blue, gray or vibrant blue

Neutral Baby Crib Bedding Colors: Green and White

* Girl Accessorize with soft yellow, pink, soft orange or light purple
* Boy Accessorize with blue, black, brown or gray

Neutral Baby Bedding Colors: Grey and White

* Girl Accessorize with pink, purple or soft yellow.
* Boy Accessorize with turquoise, blue, red or black.

Popular Baby Crib Bedding Brands that offer Gender Neutral Bedding Sets for Cribs

Below you’ll find 3 top baby bedding brands that offer neutral crib bedding sets that have color combinations that are listed above.

CoCaLo Baby is a brand specializing in baby bedding and accessories that spun from CoCaLo Inc, a company that is dedicated to fashioning products that are top quality with consistency in fashionable design. Their baby bedding is gorgeous and very soft and they offer many gender neutral baby bedding sets that are ideal for any nursery. Their gender neutral baby bedding comes in the following color combos: Brown & Green, Blue & Yellow and Green & White.

TadPoles offers crib bedding sets in many colors and designs, but they have several beautiful gender neutral baby bedding ensembles to create a beautiful nursery. Their sets generally include: bumper, coverlet, crib sheet, and bed skirt. Their gender neutral sets come in the following color combos: Black and Green and Black and White.

Glenna Jean makes stunning crib bedding that will make a statement in any nursery. They offer some exquisite gender neutral baby bedding sets that any child and parent would love. Their set color schemes include: Green & White, Grey and White and Brown and Green.

Gender Neutral from Baby to Toddler

A bedding set for the crib can also be used on a toddler bed, but sometimes toddlers say, “I’m a big boy now, and I don’t want babyish bedding anymore!” This usually happens when parents choose a crib bedding set that has a baby theme. If you choose a truly gender and age neutral bedding set for the crib then you’ll be able to use it for your baby and all the way through the toddler years. If using your crib bedding past the crib stage is your goal then consider a set with an interesting pattern or shapes in gender neutral colors, rather than a strictly baby theme. This will keep your baby happy as he grows into a walking and talking youngster.