What You Need To Know About Uncommon Baby Names

Choosing a beautiful name is the most important gift you can give a child. Celebrity parents are leading the trend with the most uncommon, trendy, modern and unique names for their offsprings. For example, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt named their three adopted children as Maddox, Pax and Zahara. If you and your partner are not as daring as Hollywood’s superstars, you can look for a name that is beautiful, unique and cool. Find out how to compromise and come up with a beautiful uncommon baby boy or baby girl name that you both can agree on.

Unique Spellings

Sometimes it may be ideal to stick to a more common spelling and make a twist by giving your baby an uncommon name. It is best to make sure that the name is easy to pronounce. Your baby will have to deal with others reading their name out loud in their entire existence. The names that are complicated or difficult to pronounce will put your child in the position to constantly correct others. You can slightly change the spelling to add enough uniqueness without the potential problems. For example, you can spell the name Kimberly as Kimberlee. The spelling has changed, but it is still obvious how the name should be pronounced. However, you should also think carefully about the way other people might think about your baby’s uncommon name. For example, Aso is an uncommon name but its meaning in some countries in Asia is a “dog”.

Uncommon Baby Names

There is an exact fashion towards parents choosing an uncommon name. One of the many reasons is our society is much less formal than it used to be. First names are more often used than surnames now, so first name has become increasingly important in terms of identity. From new spelling on old names to people, places, myths and things, some of these unique and trendy names are sure to make your list.

For Boys

• Magnus

• Jandryle

• Thyron

• Naj

• Rionel

• Kendo

• Janssen

• Dominique

• Jonel

• Ivo

For Girls

• Chenee

• Kimberlee

• Lia

• Tesha

• Augile

• Aundrey

• Melivea

• Jovy

• Francine

• Eunice

Name Experiment

Some parents take a common name and modify the spelling to focus on a particular syllable, such as Ian and Ayan, while other parents take both of their names such as Fe and Kenneth, resulting to Fenneth. Another example is Claire and Roger, they named their baby as Clairoge. Some parents also take a beautiful word and re-arrange the letters backwards. Taking the word Heaven becomes phenomenal because parents spelled it backwards resulting to Nevaeh. The same thing happened with leaf becoming a name Fael. This trend becomes so popular because you can come up with a very beautiful and uncommon name.

Names With Meaning

You can use names with meanings based on colours (Red, Pinky, Maroon, Blue, and Violet), flowers (Fleur, Rafflesia, and Rosa), name of great mythical heroes (Paris, Hector, Venus, and Vesta), and etc. The truth is that you have unlimited choices, without having to worry about uncommon and trendy names. You may choose a name like Love, simple because you like its meaning.