5 Fantastic Names To Call Your Summer Baby Boy

When you first find out that you’re going to be a parent, chances are you see a number of names that you think you’d like to use to name your baby.

When you start to look at which name you’re actually going to use, however, unless you have a name in mind immediately that you’re certain on, more often than not you hit a wall and either have too many names that you love to choose from or you can’t even find a single one that you like.

If you’re expecting a baby boy over the summer months, take a look at the following five names that will hopefully provide some summer themed inspiration when it comes to naming your baby boy.

1. Gus – the shortened form of Augustus, which has obvious links to the summer month of August, Gus is an increasingly popular name in the Western world and many people are predicting it’s going to be the new Max, once one of the most popular boys names across the globe.

2. Julius – having not been considered a fashionable baby boy’s name for many years, Julius is once again becoming favourable and although basing your child’s name on the popularity of others shouldn’t take precedence over your fondness for the name, there’s no doubt that more and more people are loving the name Julius.

3. Dylan – a favourite and popular Welsh name, the meaning of Dylan is “son of the sea” and it’s for this reason why it’s a popular summer name, with people more often than not associating summer with laying on a beach by the beautiful sea.

4. River – it might be a little too ‘out there’ for some, but there are many people who agree that River is a wonderful boys name and one that has many connotations with summer, especially if you’re someone who loves spending time in the great outdoors.

5. Noah – although the date of Noah’s Ark has never been decided upon, there are some historians who believe it took place throughout July and therefore Noah makes for a fantastic summer boy’s name.

And if it turns out Noah didn’t build his arc for a flood that hit in July, with the amount of water that us Brits get during the summer months, Noah still makes for an apt name!

Don’t let deciding on a name for your baby boy be a difficult and confusing time. Sit down in a relaxed environment and simply do some research online into names relating to words that mean something to you or are appropriate to the time of year, with the five names here being great examples of boy’s summer names.